Bridgett receives a DAISY Award nomination

December 4, 2023 |

A coworker nominated Bridgett for a DAISY for her leadership and patient-centered attitude!

The coworker wrote, “I want to nominate Bridgett for being an excellent charge nurse, coworker and friend. Our unit is run solely by travel nurses, and with Bridgett in charge, it runs smoothly. She is always quick to help others, no matter the task. She wears a smile on her face during the whole shift, even the crazy ones. She is genuinely a nice person, who always wants the best for her coworkers and patients. She is a strong advocate who doesn’t back down until she finds a solution that benefits her patients and team members. Bridgett deserves to know how great she is!”

Congratulations on your nomination, Bridgett! Your colleagues notice and appreciate your leadership and care, and so do we!


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