Becca receives a DAISY Award

April 12, 2023 |

Becca was awarded the DAISY Award after demonstrating top-notch clinical care and leadership skills during a patient’s emergency room visit.

The patient wrote, “I arrived at the emergency room with my heart pounding. Becca immediately recognized the signs of heart failure and quickly took me to a room. She was back in about 10 seconds, and within 20 seconds there were 12 people in the room with her. She knew her job well and did not have to think — she just did. I was impressed with her demeanor and efficiency and how well she treated and spoke to her coworkers. Becca would be my first choice in selecting someone to lead the world. The whole team should be commended, but it takes someone to lead and coordinate the team to have that kind of result. Please pass along my appreciation for an outstanding nurse. I am alive today because of her skills.”

Congratulations, Becca! The Aya team appreciates everything you do. You deserve that nomination!


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