Aya traveler, Sara, knows what’s best for her patients

July 29, 2021 |

Sara was recognized by her facility manager after she noticed that a patient had appendicitis and allowed them to avoid a trip to the Emergency Department and go straight to surgery. The facility manager shared, “While this is exactly what you are trained for, you are hyper sensitive to not only ensuring a wonderful patient experience, but also and more importantly, quality care that ensures the absolute best outcome possible. We are so thankful that you have come to our team and have helped us become better, we know we have yet effectively figured out a way to keep you. Nevertheless, we’ll keep trying and thank you for the stellar care your providing.”

Sara’s director also chimed in adding, “We want to recognize Sara for exceptional patient care, and knowing when to speak up. Thank you for helping to shape a culture that techs are proud to work in!”

Sara, we’re so impressed by your attentive care. Your patient was lucky to have you there to make such a great catch!

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