Aya traveler, Mark, impresses his facility leaders

September 1, 2021 |

RN, Mark, received a complimentary referral letter from one of his nurse managers at his facility, praising him for his impressive work while on assignment.

The nurse manager wrote, “I am writing to attest to the knowledge, talent and work ethic of Mark. Mark has worked as a registered nurse in our Emergency Department for several travel contracts and continues to receive offers to extend as well as consider a staff position with us. He is highly motivated, engaged and navigates our Level I trauma center with competence and humility. Mark is a strong member of our nursing team who regularly seeks to help his colleagues. In his short time with us, Mark has already been recognized by the staff and physicians as a valuable resource. I would highly recommend Mark for any future contracts or permanent positions as Mark brings clinical savviness and a genuine, compassionate demeanor to his care.

Mark, your greatness does not go unnoticed. Keep up the amazing work!

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