Aya traveler, Kirk, earns a DAISY nomination for being there when no one else could

July 19, 2019 |

Aya traveler, Kirk, went the extra mile by spending time with a patient when no one else could. His charge nurse and other coworkers noticed this and nominated him for a DAISY Award.

Read his charge nurse’s story below:

“We had a patient in the neuro ICU for over a month. During that time, the patient did not have many visitors and family was not able to be here often. Eventually, his family made the hard decision to make him a DNR/DNI with no escalation of care. During the next shift after this decision, the patient began to exhibit signs of passing. Kirk, the bedside RN, notified the family, but they were unable to come to the hospital. A couple of nurses, including Kirk, spent time in the patient’s room, playing his favorite music and holding his hand so he would not pass alone. I felt truly honored as the charge nurse this night. I witnessed true compassion and care from these nurses and it is a complete honor to work beside them. After he passed, we made his mother aware. She was also truly grateful to these nurses for being by his side in his final moments since she was unable to be there.”

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