Aya traveler, Evan, takes the meaning of “healthcare hero” to new heights

January 11, 2022 |

RN, Evan, was recognized by leadership for his bravery in a high-risk situation while on assignment. A facility leader wrote:

“I want to formally commend our ED travel RN, Evan, for his outstanding bravery, and quick life-saving measures for a security officer and radiology staff today during a code silver. An inmate attacked a guard while at x-ray. He heard the commotion while passing by, and went to check on the situation. He noticed the inmate attempting to take the guard’s gun. Evan was able to remove the weapon from his grip and restrained the patient until security and law enforcement arrived. At one point the gun was pressed into his abdomen, but he remained calm and safely handled what could have been a devastating situation. There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude for his actions that kept our patients, visitors and staff safe during a true code silver. He deserves any and all recognition for his courage in the face of danger.”

Evan, your bravery is remarkable. We’re honored to have a hero like you on our team!


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