Aya RN, Telisca, makes a big impression on a patient’s family

March 8, 2022 |

A patient’s family called the leadership team at RN, Telisca’s, facility and complimented her for providing great care and ensuring the patient was comfortable during their stay.

Facility leadership relayed the message, sharing, “She had to bring her daughter to the ED last night and this was their first time coming to the facility. She said Telisca went above and beyond and she wanted to recognize her for the phenomenal service and care that she provided to her daughter. Telisca stepped in and said, ‘I got this,’ when it was time to do an EKG. Her daughter has a phobia of needles and Telisca took her time showing her how small the needle was and making jokes to make it a more comfortable experience. The patient’s mother said, ‘We were blown away when my daughter didn’t even cry. If I could, I would give her 100/10. She was so good to all of us.’”

In addition, the leadership team said, “What a wonderful compliment, Telisca! It sounds as though your efforts were appreciated so much by this family. Thank you for always providing great care to our patients, we are so happy to have you as part of our team!”

Telisca, we’re impressed by what an impact you made on this patient and their family. Keep up the amazing work!

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