Aya RN, Kristen, receives a DAISY Award nomination and letter for her extraordinary care

May 31, 2022 |

Kristen was nominated for a DAISY Award and received a wonderful letter from two patients, praising and thank her for the impact she made during their stay.

The letter said, “Words can’t express the high praise we want to offer Kristen regarding the care and medical expertise she displayed during the two hospitalizations of my husband. Her willingness to help was responsible in a large part for my husband’s recovery. Kristen’s suggestions and participation in all aspects of his care contributed to the family’s positivity about the hospital and the staff. There was nothing that was too much for her. Her medical knowledge was so impressive. I have known many nurses — two are in my family — and realize that Kristen was superlative both personally and professionally.

When my husband was discharged, my daughter recognized something was not right with me. She and Kristen listened to my heart and recognized an irregular heartbeat. Kristen sat me in my husband‘s discharge wheelchair and I went directly to the ER. I was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation and congestive heart failure. Kristen is an exceptional nurse and person. I feel that she was responsible for the positive outcomes of two patients, me and my husband, in one family.

Kristen is an asset and a perfect representation of the hospital. Our gratitude to her on behalf of myself, my husband and our entire family. Thank you is inadequate and there are not enough rewards for her because she is an angel in scrubs!”

Kristen, we’re extremely proud of you and truly inspired by your amazing work!

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