Aya RN, Elyse, impresses at orientation

March 16, 2021 |

Aya traveler, Elyse, did an amazing job at orientation. Here’s what the preceptor had to say:

“I had the pleasure of orienting Elyse and she was phenomenal and demonstrated impressive critical care nursing skills. The patient we were assigned was deteriorating throughout our shift (during clinical downtime). Elyse experienced the range of interventions: invasive line placement, multiple transfusions, bedside chest tube placement and paracentesis, starting patient on pressors, appropriately titrating pressors, and field trip to CT scan. She is a fast learner, demonstrated strong critical care skills, and expediently notified MD about changes in patient’s clinical condition and anticipated next steps in patient’s plan of care.”

Fantastic job putting your critical care skills to use right away, Elyse!

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