Aya RN, Cynthia, receives feedback from her colleague

July 22, 2022 |

An Aya employee praised Cynthia for the genuine care and compassion she showed while taking care of their mother.

The Aya employee wrote, “After three weeks, my mom was transferred out of the CVICU and into a step-down unit. Unfortunately, there were some setbacks and my mom was transitioned back into the ICU. That’s when we met Cynthia, and wow — she sure made a positive impact during the single day shift she cared for my mom. There was a warmth in her nursing, and she brought confidence through her communication and decision-making. She was so kind and gentle and even got my mom to laugh. 

“Cynthia also understood how difficult the situation was for me and my family, and she spent time chatting with us and making us feel at ease. We spoke in depth about my mom’s situation, but she also asked what she was like before being admitted to the hospital. She showed genuine interest when my dad spoke about their world travels and the travel plans they had made for the near future before my mom’s health setbacks.”

That’s some great praise, Cynthia. Thank you for your genuine care and excellent work!

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