Aya RN, Brandon, gets nominated for a DAISY Award!

December 2, 2021 |

Travel nurse, Brandon, was nominated for a DAISY Award by one of his coworkers for being a true healthcare hero. Brandon’s quick thinking and readiness to jump into action saved a patient’s life — and the patient wasn’t even assigned to him!

Brandon’s coworker wrote, “Brandon and I were working a night shift on the medical-surgical unit, with all of us nurses having full 5-6 patient assignments. It was around 4 a.m. when we heard a ‘Code Blue’ announcement over the loudspeaker for the PCU unit that’s located just across the hall. I saw that nobody from their unit had made it to the room that called the code, so I look at Brandon and we start running over to the room to assist. Once Brandon entered the room, he saw that nobody had initiated compressions yet and he exclaimed, ‘What’s this patient’s code status and situation?!”‘Once Full Code was clear, Brandon had no hesitation in starting high-quality CPR on this patient, which I think ultimately saved that patient. Shortly after the code was resolved we were informed that the patient had LIVED! and was transferred to the ICU. Seconds count in a situation like that, there can be NO time for delay or hesitation in starting CPR, and Brandon clearly understood that. This is one of the many reasons why Brandon’s so deserving of The DAISY Award. I’m very proud of my new friend and I look forward to working with him as well as my other Aya Healthcare teammates that extended contracts at this facility”.

In addition to his nomination, Brandon also received a compliment from his nurse manager, who said, “Brandon is fantastic and was one of our favorite travelers that night.”

Brandon, you’re a true hero and we’re so proud to have nurses like you on our team. Congratulations on your nomination!


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