A shining patient review for RN, Christina

July 15, 2021 |

Aya traveler, Christina, received a complimentary letter from a patient who wrote, “Christina is a nurse of knowledge, wisdom and understanding. She is friendly and caring in nature. She is efficient when spending time with patients and keeps you informed that she has not forgotten, but is trying to obtain answers. She gives help, and makes sense of procedures and follows up on tests and doctor reports. She contributes new ideas when we are being treated and in the process of healing. She is never harsh, and provides medical attention gracefully. She thoroughly explains new medication. She does not say, ‘Here are your meds,’ and leave. When I could not physically care for myself, Christina volunteered to ‘suit up’ and help me when I was embarrassed. She is an A+ nurse with honors.”

Christina, it’s clear you go above and beyond for your patients, and it doesn’t go unnoticed. Keep up the impeccable work!


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