A patient nominates Erin for a DAISY Award

August 1, 2022 |

A patient nominated Erin for a DAISY Award, thanking her for her outstanding care and for the above and beyond support she gave their newborn baby and family.

The patient wrote, “It’s hard to explain what Erin means to us, but I’ll try. Erin was my postpartum nurse last week. Her demeanor, bedside manner and care were all top notch. It’s evident she chose this profession because she truly cares and takes an interest. She doesn’t just come in to give you meds and take vitals — she also takes time to listen to you and your baby’s needs. 

“At one point, my baby’s oxygen dropped, and they turned grayish in front of our eyes. Erin handled the situation calmly so I wouldn’t freak out. She took control and immediately became my baby’s advocate. She made sure the nursery and doctors didn’t dismiss it as “poor lighting” as they initially insisted. Her confidence, experience and persistence got my baby the NICU care she needed for testing and observation. Throughout our stay, she made sure my husband and I were in the loop with updates, as you can imagine our fear was substantial. Erin handled our case with care and saw us through discharge. If it wasn’t for Erin, God forbid it could have turned out different. It was her persisting insistence that advocated for my child. We are forever grateful for her. We got more than a nurse — we felt like we were with family.”

That’s some high praise, Erin. Thank you for your compassionate care and hard work.

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