A heartfelt DAISY Award nomination for RN, Emily!

April 8, 2021 |

Aya RN, Emily, was nominated for the prestigious DAISY Award. Read what Emily’s coworker had to say in their heartfelt nomination:

“I’d like to nominate Emily for stepping out of her ER role and into Med Tele. She did not just meet standards and expectations, but exceeded. She was praised by patients, management, and peers alike. I have never seen a more adaptable and caring individual.

It was a sincere privilege to work alongside her. She was involved in a least two separate codes that were regained, which would not have been the case without her knowledge, experience, and leadership. She went beyond her duties of her own patients to help other RNs with difficult IV starts as well as many other tasks. She was an asset to the unit, and her experience will be sorely missed. She had countless praises from long term Covid patients and families.

She exemplifies all of the qualities that a nurse should fulfill. Her example sparked hope in patients leading to better outcomes, and inspiration to her peers. She managed to coordinate discharge for a patient of four weeks, that Physicians did not believe was possible. That patient is at home presently and living their best life thanks to Emily. She inspired, challenged and cared for patients at their most dire need.

She made the facility proud and carried the nursing banner proudly through a difficult time and assignment. I was amazed to learn it was one of several Covid assignments she had taken. She is a testament to her profession and human compassion.

I think it’s a testament to Aya’s recruiting of incredible nurses and the service you provide. If there is recognition to be had, she is the most deserving.”

We couldn’t agree more! Congratulations on your nomination, Emily!

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