A DAISY Award nomination was given to Amber

February 14, 2024 |

A patient nominated Amber for a DAISY Award for the amazing care she provided.

The patient wrote, “I am 77 years old and have experienced nursing in hospitals in many states in my life, so I know it well. I had Amber for night care in a recent hospital visit. She was so outstanding that I asked where I could thank her. She was — while always being professional — totally caring and compassionate. Her knowledge of everything concerning my care was exceptional. She helped me understand my condition, helped me explain how I was feeling and — so importantly — kept me on my medicine schedule perfectly. I have never had a more knowledgeable nurse. Her excellence in every aspect of my care helped me to improve and be able to go home. I hope she is appreciated because she is so outstanding and excellent.”

Way to go, Amber! Your attention to detail and quality care make all the difference for your patients. Keep it up!



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