A big impression on the BIG day!

February 26, 2020 |

Aya traveler, Jessica, made a big impression on one of her patients during their delivery. Read the patient’s note below:

“I was a maternity patient a couple weeks ago when I gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby boy. I wanted to take the time to write you and make sure that a couple of the nurses who assisted me during my stay got the proper praise and recognition they deserve.¬†Jessica was my day nurse on the big day (01/29). Jessica was beyond amazing. She was so calm and confident and knowledgeable about everything. She gave thorough yet easy to understand explanations about everything that was going on, she was very attentive and was always there for anything I needed. She answered all questions that we had (even if they were a little silly) and she made my delivery as simple and painless as possible. Her bedside manner was unmatched by any other and I really enjoyed and appreciated having her on my delivery team. She was personable, yet professional, extremely competent, polite and caring. I thanked her when we left, but wanted to make sure that she knows how much I meant it. Please make sure she knows, and that she is recognized by the hospital in some way. I really wish that there were more nurses like her on your staff and in the medical system in general.”

Thank you, Jessica, for making a lasting impression on one of your patients!

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