DAISY Award Winner Bre’yanna Thrives in the Travel Nursing Life

January 17, 2019 | Clinician Stories

It takes a lot of heart and top-notch nursing to win a DAISY Award. And that’s exactly how Aya traveler Bre’yanna impressed a clinic patient last month. The patient shared that Bre’yanna was one of the best nurses she’d ever encountered, praising her compassionate care and kind demeanor. Bre’yanna — who started travel nursing after six years as a staff nurse — was honored to receive the award from her facility but insists she did nothing out of the ordinary. “I thanked the patient for the nomination, but honestly I didn’t think anything of it after that,” says the DAISY Award winner. “I strive every day to give all my patients the best care while always showing kindness.”

The daily routine of staff nursing grew tiresome for Bre’yanna, who wanted to experience more. That’s when she turned to traveling. “Being a travel nurse has allowed me not only flexibility for vacations and school, but also the opportunity to learn so much more than I could ever learn at one facility as a staff nurse,” she explains. “I’m always looking for opportunities to increase my knowledge and learn new, creative ways to interact with patients of all ages.”

Aya Knows Travel Nursing is All About Relationships

It’s not just the relationship between a nurse and a patient that matters. The bond between a traveler and their recruiter is just as important. “Aya is different from any other travel company because of the individualized support that I’ve been given since the very beginning,” said Bre’yanna.

“My recruiter, Bekah, has been more than just a recruiter — she’s been an angel,” Bre’yanna continues. “I’ve never encountered a recruiter who is concerned about more than just the job but also how you are. She made it her business to learn things about me as a person outside of being a nurse.”

In addition to the strong connection with her recruiter, Bre’yanna appreciates the flexibility that traveling offers. “One of the most beautiful things about being a traveler is being able to spend more quality time with my family and friends, whether that’s at home or on vacation.”

Sound like something you’d like to try? Start your life as a travel nurse today! Who knows, you just might be the next DAISY Award winner.

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Anna Congrats on your amazing accomplishments and journey as a nurse! Well deserved of this recognition, congrats Brey!
Kyra Absolutely more than deserving, congratulations!!
MaryAnn Beda Bre'yanna I knew you were a wonderful neighbor and a traveling nurse, but you are more than just a traveling nurse! You are an angel on earth. Congratulations, so proud to know you even though I had nothing to do with your success. It's all you!!!! Hugs
Denise Awesome job Brey... I’ve always known you are awesome now you’re being honored and everyone will know how sweet, special, and awesome you are!
Tasha Brey! I’m so proud of you!!!! Thank you for being such a great friend. I’m so happy to have you as not only a friend but to know you as a fellow RN! You rock, girlfriend! Congratulations to you! You deserve the best.
Wanda- Mom Words cam not Express how I'm feeling today!❤❤You are amazing and you deserved this honor for your dedication to all you do and your outstanding work ethics I'm honored to be your Mom!
Nancy Congratulations Bre’yanna!!
Kathy Gross Bufford Congratulations on your accomplishment. Wishing the very best in your future endeavors.
Yvette Charles I am so proud of you. You are so blessed I know there's more to come. Go get your blessings.
Benita Bell Congratulations Bre'yanna!! We're so very proud of you!! You're very kind and courageous just like your mom. We Love you and keep up the outstanding work God has blessed you with..
Benita Bell Congratulations Bre'yanna!! We're so very proud of you!! God has graced you with a gentle kind spirit just like your mom. Walk in His favor. Once again Congrats!!
Amy Pack Congratulations Bre’yanna!
Vera Brown God is taking you to different places in your. you deserve it !
Debra Stanton Congratulation!
Cow You are beautiful in every possible way. Love Cow
Brinkley Quinnie- Dad Congratulation. It is so nice to see you get recognize as a Daisy Award winner. Receiving the Daisy Award shows the nursing profession just how hard you work. I saw a poster at the clinic the other day and it was talking about the Daisy Award. I immediately remembered my daughter won the Daisy Award and I begin to smile. As great as an accomplishment as it is to earn this prestigious award it goes hand and hand with how much Breyanna loves her job working with in the nursing community. When I listen to her talk about her patient both young and old I can tell the passion she has for other. So to make it simple , as great as the Daisy Award is it shows people what we already knew. Her dedication and hard work is second to none.
Loretta Nicholson Brey I'm so Proud of You Baby! Its so Awesome to see You Honored & Recognized for your Compassion is so Amazing, but not Surprising! Because that's who you are Spiritual first!! ☺ I Love U Sweetie!! Beyond the Heavens is the Limit!! ☺ Xoxoxoxo
Vanessa Hall Congratulations Bree, way to go! Your parents did a beautiful job instilling great values in both yourself and your brother. Go get em girl!
Alicia Graves Oh my goodness, you deserve it all I'm so happy for you.. you inspire me every time i think about the fact I want to be a nurse even if it takes me to age 60 lol I'm close to 50 now. Thank you for being the awesome person and nurse you are. Keep striving for the best as I know you do GOD will do the rest.. love you neighbor.... I have to share your award with a few other people I know will be inspired as well.
Kim Bre’ I’m so glad I got to know you!! And I already knew you are one of the best nurses!! You rock!! I’m glad you’re being recognized!!
Marilyn You set the standard and add integrity to everything you do. It was wonderful reading about the Daisy Award as a reflection of your nursing excellence. I think I will always smile when I think of you being honored this way. You’re amazing! Congratulations!!
Angel Caudle Great job Bree!!! So proud of you and the love that you have for others!! Wow definitely a great award well deserved
Bekah Filiciotto So beyond proud of you Bre!! Working with you has been such a pleasure and unexpected blessing in my life. I love talking to you and hearing about all the good you do for patients and staff at the facilities that are lucky enough to get you. I look up to you so much because you have the biggest heart and ALWAYS put others first. You are not afraid to speak up for what is right and advocate for your patients and yourself! I have never met a nurse more deserving of this award (and I know A LOT of nurses). You are truly one of a kind and have not only touched the lives of so many in the Healthcare field, but you have touched my life as well! I love being your recruiter and more importantly, your friend. KEEP BEING AWESOME BREYANNA INEZ!!!
Sha'Dawn Congratulations on earning this much deserved award of recognition. You are amazing! I know for sure this is just a little extra nudge to let you know, not only how loving you are, but also to highlight your hard work, strength, courage, and resilience, which has kept you on this beautiful journey of sharing your God's gift of love and genuine care for what you do. You are Great and beautiful a soul placed here to do even more wonderful works! Love ya to life Lil sis.
Penny Shelton-Aunt Congratulations Bre'yanna. Continue to let your light shine.
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