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Find high-paying sterile processing technician jobs nationwide with Aya Healthcare and take your sterile processing tech career to the next level. Apply now.

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Therese M., Medical Professional

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Sterile processing technicians, also known as SPTs, are responsible for sterilizing and preparing medical equipment, instruments and supplies. There are currently sterile processing tech jobs available around the U.S. Aya Healthcare is equipped to help you find your dream job, whether that means embarking on a travel adventure, or finding work close to home. We have the travel, permanent, per diem and local sterile processing technician jobs to fit your personal and professional goals.

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My first time experience working with Alexis Gosse as my recruiter has been great. We came across some bumps in the road on landing an assignment but she never gave up until an offer was given an contract was signed. She always made sure that I was doing good and that I was comfortable working in the Facility, City and State of choice. I haven’t had many recruiters do that for me. So I HIGHLY recommend Alexis as a recruiter. Thank you for all you did and are still doing for me and AYA Healthcare.
Masha M. Medical Professional

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Travel SPT jobs allow you to share your expertise with hospitals and healthcare facilities nationwide. While traveling, you’ll work with experienced healthcare professionals and the latest equipment. Each assignment will expose you to new techniques, giving you a chance to hone your skills and take what you learn with you to your next facility.

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Finding a permanent sterile processing tech job is easy when you work with Aya Healthcare. We have connections with hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout the U.S., giving you front-of-the-line access to the jobs you want. When you work with Aya Healthcare, we’ll make sure your application is a priority and get you through the process much faster than if you applied on your own.

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PRN sterile processing tech jobs offer flexible scheduling to pick up extra shifts and boost your income. You’ll create a schedule that works with your lifestyle while working close to home and sharing your skills with your community.

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Aya Healthcare - Location Pin Icon What Factors Can Influence A Permanent Sterile Processing Technician Salary?

Sterile processing tech pay varies between states and facilities. To make sure you have as much information as possible, Aya Healthcare provides full pay visibility in your Aya Healthcare account. Once you log in, sort and filter your search, then save it so you can get alerts when per diem, local, permanent and travel sterile processing tech jobs pop up.

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