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Are you a radiology tech who wants to travel the US and make great money doing so? This is your chance! Healthcare facilities across the U.S.A. are looking for radiology travelers to fill temporary openings.

Traveling Radiology Careers

We have open jobs in the following specialties:

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Echo Tech View Jobs
Interventional Radiology Tech View Jobs
Mammography Tech View Jobs
MRI Tech View Jobs
Nuclear Medicine Tech View Jobs
Sonographer View Jobs
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Plus, you get to see the country! Always wanted to brave the Alaskan wild, hike a lush Oregonian forest or relax on the white sand of a Florida beach? This could be your chance.

Why Do Healthcare Facilities Need Traveling
Radiologic Technologists?

Healthcare facilities need travelers to fill gaps in care. A hospital in a ski resort town may hire travelers in the winter when they experience higher census. When staff go on extended leave, travelers step in to fill those gaps. There are many reasons facilities open travel radiology tech jobs. That means you have options nationwide!

Travel Radiologic Technologist Salary

One of the first questions we hear is, “How much do travel radiology tech jobs pay?” The truth is, facilities pay different amounts depending on their location, time of year, census, needs and many other factors.

If maximizing pay is your goal, Apply now and let your recruiter know. He or she can focus on finding you the highest paying jobs. It’s your recruiter’s job to listen to your goals and direct your job search to reflect those goals. They will likely advise you to keep your options open to give you the best chance of increasing your salary. They’ll tell you not to fixate on a single location or insist on a certain schedule, but we understand that you aren’t always able to work nights or move across the country. However, if you can be flexible, your chances of landing high paying jobs increase exponentially.

What Benefits Does Aya Offer?

Graphic visualization showing personalized team you get at Aya.

Personalized Team

Aya travelers have an entire support team including an expert recruiter, credentialing specialist, payroll representative, compliance liaison and travel experience specialist.

Graphic visualization showing housing options you get at Aya.


We help with housing. Depending on the assignment, we’ll provide a stipend or you can take the easy route and let us put you up.

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You'll get premium medical, dental, vision and life insurance. Everything starts day one of your assignment!

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Pay Perks

We offer a 401(k) with a generous match, stipends and, on certain contracts, reimbursement for things like tuition, travel, licensing and more!

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We send holiday treats and pizza on your birthday (because coworkers become friends when you share pizza)! You'll love that warm feeling you get when your company cares about you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Open FAQ questionHow long are most travel radiology jobs?

Assignment lengths vary. The average length for a travel job is 13 weeks, but some are as short as 4 weeks and others are longer.

Open FAQ questionWhere can I make the most money with a radiologic technologist job?

As we mentioned, travel radiologic technologist jobs generally pay better than staff jobs. You can ask your recruiter for a list of jobs that currently pay the most. If you don’t have a recruiter yet, easily apply now and we’ll put you in touch with one of our experts!

Open FAQ questionWhat radiologic technologist specialties can travel?

All radiologic technologist specialties can travel. Job openings change daily. Check in frequently to see new CT Tech, Mammography Tech, MRI Tech, Nuclear Medicine Tech and X-ray Tech jobs.

Open FAQ questionWhat states have open jobs?

Travel radiology jobs are available nationwide! New jobs open every day. If you’d like to focus on a certain state or states, you can filter your job search to see jobs in those states.

Open FAQ questionWhat do radiologic technologists do?

Radiologic technologists perform diagnostic imaging procedures, including x-rays, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT) scans. Radiologic technologists position patients to ensure a quality diagnostic image. They work closely with radiologists, the physicians who interpret medical images, to diagnose or eliminate the possibility of injury or disease. Some specialize in specific techniques like cardiovascular-interventional radiography, mammography or sonography.

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