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Healthcare facilities across the country need EP techs (AKA electrophysiology techs, EP lab techs, electrophysiology lab techs or electrophysiology techs) to fill gaps in care. That means travel EP tech jobs are open nationwide! See what a few of our clinicians have to say about life on the road.

Traveling EP Tech Jobs

Your Aya Healthcare Team

If you’d rather we search jobs for you, apply now and we’ll do just that. We’ll assign you a recruiter, a payroll specialist, licensing and credentialing experts and even a dedicated travel experience specialist. Your team will get to know you and ask about your travel dreams and career goals to find travel EP tech jobs that are the best possible fit for you.

EP Lab Tech Salary

Pay varies across the country, but the good news is you choose where you go! So basically, you determine how much you make. Your recruiter can track the highest paying travel EP tech jobs and keep you updated on the search. He or she will provide you with options (housing, benefits, etc.) and explain how your choices affect your pay.

If you’re looking to maximize your EP lab tech salary, we can help.

Where do EP Techs live?

We provide furnished housing or a housing stipend. The choice is yours! Either way, we’ve got you covered. If finding housing sounds like one more chore on your to do list, don’t worry. You can take Aya-provided housing. It’s nice, it’s furnished and you don’t have to lift a finger yourself. If you’re an HGTV addict or find yourself browsing Zillow for fun, maybe the stipend is the option for you! That way you can find the perfect home away from home.

Working as a travel electrophysiology tech gives you the chance to discover new places and impact patient care where you’re needed most. If you’re ready to change lives, including your own, apply today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What states pay the highest EP tech salary?

That depends on when you look. Top-paying jobs fluctuate constantly. Ask your recruiter to keep an eye on the highest paying areas. Don’t have a recruiter? Apply now and we’ll assign you one.

What states hire EP techs?

All states open travel electrophysiology tech jobs at different times. Browse our EP tech jobs for current openings.

How long are electrophysiology tech assignments?

Most electrophysiology tech assignments are 13 weeks long. If you need something shorter or longer, that’s doable too. You can also find per diem options.

Where can I browse EP tech jobs?

Our job search is the best place to start! Browse by state or search the entire country.

Electrophysiology Tech

Location icon.Vancouver, Washington
Clock icon.Starting on 06/17/2024

Electrophysiology Tech

Location icon.Iowa City, Iowa
Clock icon.Starting on 06/03/2024

Electrophysiology Tech

Location icon.Paramus, New Jersey
Clock icon.Starting on 06/10/2024
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