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Find high-paying anesthesia tech jobs nationwide with Aya Healthcare and take your anesthesia technician career to new heights. Apply now.

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Brittany R., Healthcare Professional

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An anesthesia tech, also known as an anesthesia technician, assists anesthesiologists with setting up equipment and preparing medication. Across the country, anesthesia tech jobs are ready for the taking. Whether you’re looking for a travel adventure or prefer working closer to home, Aya Healthcare’s got you covered. We’ll help you find the perfect travel, permanent, per diem or local opportunity to reach your career goals.

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Paige is the best recruiter and her assistant, (Taylor DurJava) who has moved on to become a full time recruiter, was also AMAZING. I’ve thought many times about checking out other travel agencies with prices coming down and becoming more competitive but Paige always bust her butt and finds me a contract before I ever get to the point where I feel I need to shop around. She dots her I’s and crosses her T’s and has always advocated for me when I faced difficult times whether in my personal or work life. Keep her around at all cost!!
Tray G.

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Travel anesthesia tech jobs allow you to explore the country while lending your skills to healthcare facilities in need. You’ll work with innovative doctors and clinicians, gaining valuable insights and exposure to new methods and clinical settings. Keep your skillset sharp while enjoying the adventures of traveling to new locations.

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If you’re ready to plant roots as a permanent anesthesia technician, Aya Healthcare can help you find the perfect job to fit your needs. Avoid the stress of applying on your own and take advantage of Aya Healthcare’s relationships with leading facilities across the country. We’ll get you front-of-the-line access to jobs that meet your personal and professional goals.

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Embrace flexibility with PRN anesthesia technician jobs. With competitive rates and flexile scheduling, you can easily boost your income by picking up extra shifts. Work close to home and make your mark on your community, all while creating a schedule that fits your unique lifestyle.

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Anesthesia tech pay rates can vary, but when you register with Aya Healthcare you’ll have access to all job details including pay and facility information. In your Aya Healthcare account you can sort and filter jobs by your preferences, then save searches so you’ll get notified when a travel, per diem or permanent anesthesia technician job matching your settings pops up.

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