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The Secret to What Makes Us One of the Best Travel Nursing Companies

You may have heard that travel nurses have “recruiters” and that is true. Your Aya Healthcare recruiter will listen closely to your goals so that he or she can help you make the most of your travel nursing career. If you want to be close to family or friends, they can find assignments nearby. If you are looking to work exclusively in world-class hospitals to gain experience that will look great on your resume, they can help you with that, too!

No matter what you are looking for, we’ve got you covered. Aya Healthcare recruiters are highly trained professionals who know the travel nursing industry inside and out, but first and foremost they are here to understand your aspirations and help you achieve them. After you fill out a quick application you’ll be assigned a recruiter who will be your guide, confidant, advocate and friend each step of the way. In addition to your recruiter, you will have a team of experts to help you navigate each specific aspect of your assignment. They will take care of your housing, compliance, overall experience and be available anytime you need a little extra TLC.

Here’s a summary of the support you’ll get from your Aya Healthcare team:


The best recruiters for travel nurses!

Your recruiter will provide insight into big things like which contracts will best meet all of your needs as well as smaller things like where to find fun activities in your new city. Recruiters spend their time talking to travel nurses working all over the country in all types of facilities, so you can rely on them to make informed recommendations on what they believe will best work for you. No matter what you need, your recruiter will be there. He or she will be your Number one go-to person for anything related to your assignment.

Credentialing Team

The Credentialing team is always there to help travel nurses!

Your credentialing specialist will keep all of your documents up to date and ensure you are always fully compliant. They will notify you if you have any missing documentation and even set you up with appointments for things like drug screens and TB tests.

Payroll Team

The Payroll team makes sure all travel nurses are paid on time!

Your payroll specialist will make sure you are paid accurately and on time each and every week. They will even text you once a week just to double check that your hours are correct!

Traveler Experience Team

Traveler Experience Team makes sure travel nurses are having a great experience!

We have an amazing traveler experience team who are there to make sure that you are completely satisfied with everything down to the tiniest details of your Aya Healthcare assignment. When you are happy, they are happy. Always feel free to reach out to them for anything you need!

You will be provided with a 24-hour emergency contact number so you can reach us anytime! No one wants an emergency, but we will always be here and ready to help if you experience one.