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Travel Nursing Jobs in New Hampshire


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Discover Travel Nursing Jobs in New Hampshire

Stand among the clouds at the summit of Mount Washington in New Hampshire’s White Mountains and you will never forget the crisp air, astonishing views and sense of accomplishment you feel after climbing the highest peak in the Northeastern United States.

The Granite State is a land of pleasant contrasts where you can lay on a beach or ski down a snow covered mountain, photograph wildlife in the Great North Woods or hunt for bargains at tax free outlet stores. Perhaps one of the most charming features of New Hampshire is the changing of the seasons. The summer months are filled with sunlit days and clear nights. But by late September the trees showcase brilliant autumn colors and the nights begin to chill. By late October, snow usually sweeps the landscape until the warmer weather returns in April.

Experience quintessential New England in the nation’s third oldest city, the charming colonial town of Portsmouth. Walk around Market Square where the brick sidewalks are lined with popular shops and unique boutiques, or have a picnic on Four Tree Island and enjoy the views of the Piscataqua River.

This unique state is home to the first widely-publicized tale of alien abduction and a politician named Vermin Supreme who was listed on their Democratic Primary ballot for president. Vermin’s platform consisted of “free ponies and mandatory tooth brushing.” The quirky locals zealously love their home state and believe in its motto to “live free or die.”