I've heard a lot about "travel nursing" but what is it exactly?

Hospitals often experience nursing shortages and will call Aya Healthcare to help keep their units fully staffed. Aya will then find a qualified nurse who will travel to the hospital to work an assignment, typically anywhere from 8-26 weeks at a time. These nurses who travel to an assignment are known as "travel nurses".

When do hospitals use travel nurses?

The needs for travel nurses vary depending on season and region. For example, hospitals located near ski resorts may not need as many nurses during the summer as they do in the winter and will use travel nurses during their busy times. Sometimes a hospital will implement a new computer charting system and will bring in travel nurses to handle their patient loads while their staff nurses undergo training. A travel nurse might also be called in if a staff nurse goes on maternity leave or if the hospital is opening a new wing. There are many reasons that hospitals need short term help and as a travel nurse, it is easier to find a job if you are flexible with your location.

Where will I live?

As a travel nurse, you can choose to let us handle your housing or you can take a monthly allowance called a housing stipend. Housing options usually include a furnished apartment, hotel, or suite depending on where you will be working. Your recruiter can help you with what options are best for you on each assignment.

What other benefits are there to travel nursing?

Some of the benefits we offer include a 401k plan with an employer match, license reimbursements, rental car discounts and other perks. One of the greatest benefits of all is the opportunity to see new places, work in different environments and build a fantastic resume!

How much experience do I need in order to become a travel nurse?

You should have at least one year of recent experience in the specialty for which you are applying. Most hospitals want two or more years of experience and some require previous travel experience. Unfortunately, new nursing grads cannot become travel nurses because hospitals want you to be very confident with your clinical skills since orientations are often short and you will be expected to "hit the ground running."

Is there anything else I should know before I begin the process?

Travel nursing can be a life-changing experience and open a multitude of opportunities! The happiest travel nurses are the ones who can be flexible, have a great "team player" attitude and are excited about new adventures! If this sounds like you, work with a great recruiter, ask questions as you go, and get ready for the ride!


Aya Healthcare has earned The Joint Commission's Gold Seal of Approval.

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