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Discover Wyoming

Jackson Hole, Wyoming is one of the country’s premier ski and snowboarding destinations. Here, luxurious hotels, fine dining and upscale boutiques are all located just steps from the slopes.

When the snow isn’t falling, the Cowboy State still has adventure to offer such as hiking through Yellowstone, the world’s first National park. It’s a land full of wildlife, waterfalls, rivers, a petrified forest and of course, geysers like Old Faithful.

In northeast Wyoming, the summit of Devil Tower summons climbers near and far. Those who conquer the 5,114 foot peak can enjoy the view and take epic photographs of the vast surrounding landscape.

Wyoming is the least populous state in the country and wide open spaces cover much of the area. Rock climbing and snow sports are only a few of the exhilarating outdoor activities this rugged land has to offer. Whitewater rafting, camping, boating, fishing, hunting and more could all be on your agenda in Wyoming.

Wyoming Traveling nurses enjoy Wyoming's natural beauty