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Discover South Carolina

When you think of the Old South your mind likely conjures tree lined paths, rocking chairs on wide porches, jasmine scented air and hot, sticky summers. All of these things can be found in Charleston, South Carolina. The market in downtown Charleston maintains the essence of nostalgia while still offering the joys of a modern farmers market. Farmers and local artisans have gathered here to sell fresh produce, souvenirs, jewelry and sweets since the 1790s.

To continue your walk through history, visit Charles Towne Landing. This historic site is located off the Ashley River, where a group of English settlers landed in 1670 and established the Carolina colony. The park includes 7 miles of enchanting trails as well as interactive exhibits. Step aboard The Adventure, a 17th century sailing ship and feel the boom of the live cannons reverberate. The Animal Forest houses animals that were native to the land when the English Settlers arrived and includes otters, bison, pumas, black bears and elk.

For a more relaxing destination, try Myrtle Beach, just few hours away. Entertainment in this popular destination runs the gamut from amusement parks, to every type of shopping imaginable (malls, outlets, boutiques, flea markets), to fine dining to a quiet fishing hole. If you prefer, just lay out a towel and lie in the sun. With 60 miles of immaculate white sand beach, you should have no trouble finding the perfect spot.

Visit beautiful beaches as a travel nurse in South Carolina!