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Discover North Dakota

Imagine following in the spirit of Lewis and Clark and Sacagawea through lands that feel untouched since they left their footprints in the ground. Visit the Lewis and Clarke National Historic Trail and walk the same trails the two legendary explorers did as they traversed the nation from 1804-1806. Make your way though the trail and take in the views of momentous mountains and rivers just as Lewis and Clark did over 200 years ago.

The sprawling Theodore Roosevelt National Park is home to bison, deer and countless other species. The North Dakota badlands stretched out wide and proud long before our 26th president enjoyed them. 65 million years ago streams flowing from the Rockies deposited sediments that were later carved by the powerful waters of the Little Missouri River. The results of this process are wild cliffs and multicolored horizontally striped layers of rock and sediment that run on and on.

To see another side of the Rough Rider State visit the International Peace Garden. This 2,300 acre wonder straddles the boarder of the U.S. and Canada. Full of trails and lush vegetation the garden delights the eye with splashes of color at every turn.

If you’re itching to two-step, you can satisfy that urge in a local bar in almost any North Dakota town. Take a few line dancing lessons and jump right in!

Travel Nurse enjoys North Dakota landscapes