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Discover Florida

Just whispering the name “Florida Keys” conjures images of crystal clear water, untouched white sand beaches, soft breezes and the taste of a cool tropical drink. Play in the warm sand or descend into the shimmering water to discover complex marine ecosystems, including shipwrecks and the continental U.S.’s only living coral reef.

The frenetic energy and vibrant color of the night life in Miami’s South Beach, coupled with the eclectic mix of world-class boutiques, art galleries and gourmet cuisine, make the city a must-visit. North Miami Beach even boats the oldest building in the western hemisphere - the Monastery Cloister which was built in 1141.

Orlando’s theme parks will have you laughing as the roller coasters’ twists and turns make you feel like a kid again. Whether you prefer rushing water parks or journeying behind the scenes of a real film set, the theme park capital of the world has something for everyone.

Just a short drive away is the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States. There is nowhere else on Earth that can compare to the Everglades – where manatee languor among the mangroves and American crocodiles stalk their prey. You may even catch sight of the state’s official animal, the elusive Florida panther. An air boat tour through the Everglades National Park will satisfy even the most jaded traveler.

Work and play as a travel nurse in Florida!