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Discover Arizona

The desert landscape of Arizona is anything but barren. Boasting sweeping canyons, jagged cliffs and shimmering lakes, Kartchner Caverns State Park is one of the shining jewels of a state that has many. The formations within these deep caverns are one of a kind and include one of the world’s longest “Soda Straw” stalactites.

If the Grand Canyon doesn’t take your breath away, you may want to check your pulse. It’s one of the few sights that live up to every grandiose description. Camping or hiking with picture-perfect views of painted rocks and a gushing river will leave you with lifelong memories.

The Vermillion Cliffs National Monument attracts travelers from around the world. They flock to see one of the most photographed geological formations on earth – the colorful, undulating forms of its wave canyons.

If its unique natural beauty doesn’t entice you, then Arizona has everything city life has to offer as well. Phoenix has a vibrant theatre scene, museums, shopping, fine dining and world class spas. While Tucson offers sunny days full of sightseeing, museums, shopping and heavenly Mexican food.

Travel nurses sightsee through Arizona!