Zeid has been in healthcare staffing for the past seven years. He has a passion for helping others and recruiting is far more than "just a job" for him.

"I value the dedication that the nurses give on a daily basis and it always motivates me to do the best job that I can do," he says. I have their interests as my number one priority and delivering on all of my promises for a successful assignment is a close second."

Zeid loves his job as a recruiter because of the connections and relationships he is able to form with his nurses.

"I love that there's a human factor to recruiting," he says. "There are emotions, goals and connections. I love that!"

So what makes Zeid a great recruiter? He believes his availability and determination for the nurse's success is what makes him special.

"I'm always available and work very hard," he says. "I'm determined to listen and be their life coach. They can always come to me for personal and career related questions."

Zeid goes above and beyond for his nurses and is there for them during both the ups and the downs.

"One time I had a nurse who was a single mom and she needed to put her child in a daycare around the hospital. She got a little stressed because she was having problems finding one, so she reached out to me. I was able to find her a daycare close to work. This isn't something we run across every day, but if a nurse is in need, Aya will always be there help.

As a recruiter, Zeid advises travel nurses to be open to change and to take everything one step at a time.

"Ask many questions to understand the experience and opportunity," he says. "I've personally moved a lot and I know what its like to pick up, leave and be away from family. My ultimate goal for all of my nurses is to have an overall positive and life changing experience.