Rachael is a recruiter who loves building relationships with her nurses. Helping people's lives change for the better and being there for them throughout their entire career is her main goal as a recruiter.

"I love that I actually have built real relationships with my nurses beyond just work. It's really great to be able to help nurses do big things in their lives."

As a recruiter, Rachael says her job is to help travel nurses set themselves up for success.

"Knowing they have an advocate who is there to fight for them is so important because travel nursing can be a big step," she says. "Taking care of my nurses and making sure they have the best assignment possible, is my number one priority."

So what makes Rachael a great recruiter? She believes her attentiveness and availability are what best define her.

"I take care of my nurses. I genuinely listen to what they have to say. They know that I'm always available and actively working to find the travel jobs they're looking for. It's not just about the job. She wants the entire experience with Aya to be enjoyable.

Rachael's advice for travel nurses is to take it all in and learn from the entire experience, no matter what comes at you.

"Soak up every part of the experience," she says. "There are always going to be really fun aspects of a travel assignment and some unfamiliar aspects that may seem a little scary. Use what you learn from each travel experience to become a better nurse. The biggest risks in life tend to be the most rewarding."