After working as a recruiter for 15 years, Lori knows everything there is to know about travel nursing. With her experience and passion towards building relationships, Lori is able to help her nurses achieve their goals.

"I go after the relationships and I treat my nurses like they're my family," she says. "I like to have a relationship with them first, then I will bend over backwards and do everything in my power to help them."

Lori loves her job as a recruiter because she is confident with her knowledge about this business and knows she can get her nurses to where they want to be.

"Personally, I love recruiting because I'm comfortable and confident with my abilities in this business," she says. "It makes me very happy to know that I can use that knowledge to help others."

So what makes Lori a great recruiter? She believes her ability to educate her nurses and her personable approach to things give her a unique edge.

"I am really an educator about this industry so my nurses can feel empowered to be the best nurses they can be," she says. "What I always tell my nurses is that with me you will get somebody who is knowledgeable, someone who will be your best advocate, and someone who will treat you with respect, dignity, and as the professional you are."

Even when faced with the most difficult situations, Lori manages to work her way through it to help her nurses in every way possible.

"I once had a surgical tech and she got into a really bad accident the day before her start date," she says. "The doctor told her she couldn't start working so she became extremely worried that she would lose her job at that hospital. I really comforted her so she wouldn't feel so alone and worried, got on top of everything, got the account manager and hospital on board, and we were able to let her start at a later date. She was so grateful and happy. I stuck with her and took care of her even if it meant I had to stay extra hours to find another assignment."

Lori advises new travel nurses to do their research ahead of time.

"I always tell them, look, I advise you to compare what I offer with another company," she says. "That way you feel comfortable making that decision because I am that confident that you will choose me. I like them to know that I make the best decisions. I can feel confident enough to say, yeah, do your homework then decide."