A seasoned traveler with a passion for nursing, 27 year old Fernando R. is currently enjoying his 6th assignment as a traveling nurse. Originally from El Paso, Texas, Fernando has spent the last 6 months working in Fresno, CA, extending his assignment three times.

"I first heard about travel nursing while in nursing school and knew instantly it was what I wanted to do," he says. "I heard how travel nurses can go from location to location and work, learn, play all for 3 months then pack a bag and do it all again."

When he isn't working, Fernando enjoys hanging out with friends, morning workouts, and going to dinner. He is single and has a Saint Bernard back home with his parents named Maxie, though his dream dog has always been a pug.

His favorite part of traveling? Fernando says he enjoys the constant exposure to different people and places.

"The 'unknown' has always been intriguing to me, from not knowing how I was getting to work to where I was going to find the best clam chowder," he says. "However my favorite part has been meeting all the great people at and off work and secondly all the beautiful locations I have seen; locations I would have never been exposed to had I stayed home."

For Fernando, the most challenging part of travel nursing is moving away from the people he meets. He makes use of social media to stay connected with friends and coworkers as he travels.

"The biggest challenge in traveling is separating my heart from the ones that take it during every assignment," he says. "I have met some incredible people along the way and saying goodbye is always the hardest part. Nursing is nursing wherever you go but the people aren't."

Fernando advises nurses interested in traveling to be open to change and new experiences.

"The first thing I would tell anyone aspiring to become a travel nurse would be: are you ready to step into the unknown, and be away from your current comfort zone, and be part of another team?" he says. "Because that is what travel nursing is."

Travel nursing has given Fernando the opportunity to step outside his comfort zone, become exposed to different cultures and ultimately experience a new side of nursing.

"Travel nursing has changed my perspective on the career because it showed me just how valuable my career is.," he says. "I continue to believe that Nursing choose me, I didn't choose nursing."