Life Saving ED Nurse, Accomplished Violinist, and Family Girl

As a young child Abi knew she wanted to be a nurse, and she has determinedly pursued that arduous path ever since. Just before she turned seven an accident landed Abi in and out of the hospital for months. She instantly bonded with the nurses who took care of her.  At the tender age of eight Abi informed her mother she was going into nursing. This assuredness was not an aberration in Abi's personality; the year before Abi had declared that she would play violin. To this day when she is back home in Cleveland she is her parish’s violinist, often plays at weddings and with various folk bands.  

In addition to nursing and music Abi’s other great passion is travel. To satisfy her wanderlust she booked her first assignment in Cañon City with Aya in August 2014. Abi loved the adventurous Colorado spirit, the breathtaking views at every turn, the nearly constant sunshine and her ED there. As one of the doctors she worked with remarked, traveling is "perfect for Abi because she make friends so easily." 

After a pleasant sojourn in Colorado, family misfortune has brought Abi back east. Following an action packed cross country drive with her mother and her cat Velvet, Abi is currently on her second assignment in Cincinnati. Here she can live and spend quality time with her grandmother (a former nurse herself!) and visit her immediate family often.  Abi’s father was diagnosed with ALS two years ago but the silver lining in this heartbreaking situation is that her career as a nurse allows for a flexible schedule in which she is able to work three shifts then often spend four days at home. As Abi explains "I’ve been really blessed to have awesome coworkers" who even conspired to give her both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off work. As any nurse knows this constitutes a holiday miracle in the ED. 

As a nurse Abi is more comfortable with the human condition than most. She explains that "you get to be part of the best part of people’s lives and the worst part." From welcoming new babies to being there as life slips away an ED nurse sees it all. Abi appreciates that "it is a really human experience to be right there in the middle of it."