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Locum Tenens Information

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

As a locum tenens provider, you have the flexibility to choose the length of the assignment. Our assignments vary and can include a week of vacation coverage, shift work month to month, several months or can be ongoing. The length is dependent on what the facilities needs are and what you agree to.

This is up to as the provider, as working locum tenens gives you the flexibility to create your own schedule. We have full-time schedules, available shifts, call coverage and blocks to name a few, but it also varies based on specialty. Your recruiter can provide more details.

We provide housing, travel, and transportation needs for the duration of your assignment. Or, if you prefer to manage this yourself, let us know and we’ll talk to you about available reimbursements.

Why do providers choose to work
as a locum tenens provider?

There are a variety of reasons providers choose to work locum tenens jobs, 
but here are just a few:

Travel • Flexibility • Supplement income • Enhance your skill set

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