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Certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) are in demand across the country. That means CRNA travel jobs open frequently, giving you consistent options nationwide.

Locum CRNA jobs give you the chance to see the country and impact patient outcomes where you’re needed most. You’ll expand your resume by working at prestigious state-of-the-art facilities, collaborating with expert providers, and gaining exposure to cutting-edge techniques and procedures. And as a locum CRNA … you can do all that in cities you’ve always dreamed of visiting!

Locum work allows you to expand your horizons, advance your career … and get paid well to do it.

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Travel CRNA Salary

Travel CRNA salary varies across the country. As independent contractors, locum providers generally make more than staff. There are several strategies you can employ to maximize pay (like focusing your job search on high-paying areas with low cost of living). You choose where you want to go. We recommend remaining flexible regarding location to ensure you consider the highest-paying areas of the country.

As a travel CNA with Aya Healthcare, you’ll be given a recruiter and expert support team. Your recruiter will listen to your travel goals and help you achieve them. If pay is a priority, he or she can help keep you up to date on high-paying jobs. If you want to focus on teaching hospitals or work near friends or family, they can help with that to. Whatever your reasons for travel, your team will be behind you 100%.

Why do healthcare facilities open CRNA travel jobs?

Travel CRNA jobs open for a variety of reasons. Permanent CRNAs may go on leave, training for a new charting system may take staff away from patients or a fluctuation in census may leave a facility understaffed.

The great news is that means healthcare facilities are always opening new CRNA jobs! We keep our job list constantly updated, so when you’re browsing CRNA jobs, make sure to check back in frequently.

What does Aya offer?

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Priority Status

Front-of-the-line access to exclusive jobs at top-rated hospitals.

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Personalized Team

Your robust support team will ensure you start on time, benefit from our licensing and credentialing expertise, have flawless payroll and an overall exceptional experience.

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Concierge travel and lodging arrangements.

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Comprehensive malpractice coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are most CRNA travel jobs?

The average contract length is around three months, generally with an option to extend indefinitely. But that varies. Your recruiter can focus on the contract length you’re looking for (if you need something specific). If you don’t have a recruiter yet, apply now and we’ll put you in touch with an expert who will reach out shortly!

Where can I make the most money as a travel CRNA?

Travel nurse anesthetist jobs generally pay better than staff nurse anesthetist jobs. Ask your recruiter for a list of jobs that are paying the most right now (keeping in mind that this list will change frequently). Again, apply now if you haven’t yet and thus don’t have a recruiter.

What states have open travel nurse anesthetist jobs?

CRNA travel jobs are available nationwide and new jobs open every day — sometimes every hour! Check in anytime, you can filter your job search by state.

Will my compact RN license help?

Yes! You can use your compact* RN license to expedite the CRNA license in a compact state. *A compact license is a license that works in multiple states. New states join the compact agreement on occasion, so check in here to see the current list.

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