RN, Quynn goes above and beyond for a young patient and her family

September 22, 2020 |

Aya traveler, Quynn, received outstanding feedback from a young patient’s parents. Read the story below:

“I’m writing to let you know how pleased we were with her AMAZING nurse, Quynn. Our daughter is four years old and has had more than her fair share of hospital stays and visits. When we walked in, we had prepared her to the best of our abilities, and we tried our hardest to stuff down our own nerves. However, when we were directed to her admitting bed and she saw the gown laid out for her she panicked. She begged to go home saying, ‘I can’t sleep here no, no no.’ It was gut-wrenching for us to see our brave girl lose her composure. We tried to coax her into her gown but she would not budge. Quynn came to introduce himself, but without us saying a word he could tell we needed a moment. He pulled the curtain for us and said ‘No rush.’ When she was ready, Quynn came to our bedside, and got down on our daughter’s level and introduced himself. She smiled, and he asked if he could put a bracelet on her. She cooperated, and we knew we were in good hands.  Quynn was so sweet and compassionate with our little girl and warmed her up to everything he needed to put on her to prepare her for her procedure. He was absolutely incredible. In the short time we spent with him getting our daughter ready, we knew he was going to take care of our girl. Sooner than expected, our phone rang and it was none other than  Quynn, telling us she was done and in recovery, and she did well. He said, ‘I didn’t want you to be anxiously waiting.’ We felt like Quynn not only took care of our daughter, but he cared for us, too. Waiting for your little one during procedures and surgeries is sometimes unbearable. When Quynn took the time to relieve us of the worry as soon as possible, he showed utmost compassion for our situation. We want him to know how much he touched us that day. Seeing the way he talked to our little girl, and even more, reassured us. It only goes to show the heart he has for his patients.”

Thank you, Quynn for your compassionate care, and going above and beyond to make both your patient and their family more at ease.

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