RN, Melanie, is a DAISY Award nominee!

December 2, 2021 |

Aya traveler, Melanie, was nominated for a DAISY Award by her coworker for being a positive light to her patients and role model for her co-workers. Read the heartfelt nomination below:

This nurse always goes above and beyond for all patients and co-workers. During my time working alongside her, I’ve witnessed her make homemade herbal tea for a patient hospitalized with COVID while visiting the USA from his home in Africa. After going to the store, buying very specific ingredients and making him tea all week, she brought two large containers to last him while she was off work for a couple of days. She did this type of special treatment for every single patient! She worked with COVID patients every day, for six months, and never complain. And trust me, as a travel nurse working on lots of COVID jobs, that’s a feat in itself!

It’s hard for patients to stay isolated in the hospital during their COVID illness, but Melanie would always find a way to connect with every patient in the unit (not just her assigned patients) and would make them feel a sense of warmth and happiness during a very difficult and lonely time.

She was also a gift to the staff. She was the first one to offer to help and volunteer to do tasks others may not want to do. Her constant positive attitude made working in COVID land a fun and enjoyable shift. Not only would Melanie make dreary COVID assignments lively, but she was also a positive role model to other travelers.

Congratulations on this well-deserved nomination, Melanie. We’re awed by the incredible work you do!

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