ER RN, William, takes extra time for a patient

August 24, 2020 |

Aya traveler, William, made an impression on the first day of his assignment by taking extra care of one of his patients. Read their ‘thank you’ note below:

“The emergency room (ER) was amazing, which I pretty much expected especially after working in the ER, but it really was exceptional because of the way they treated me through their caring, timeliness, attention to detail, explanations, professionalism, privacy and respect. I felt so taken care of, so safe. My nurse in the ER (William) was a traveling nurse and it was his first day of orientation. He was so good. At one point he said, “Let’s clean up that face of yours,” and he sat down and took the time to clean up my road rash covering the right side of my face the best he could. I just didn’t expect that, given it’s a Friday night and I figured it was pretty busy in the ER.”

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