Aya RN, Leyneth won a DAISY!

October 1, 2019 |

Aya traveler. Leyneth, won a DAISY Award while on assignment for being attentive and caring for her patient.

Read part of the patient’s nomination below:

“Everything and every value that Leyneth showed made my overall experience pleasant. The quality of care that she provided and her kindness is something that your hospital should be very proud of. She made both my family and I comfortable during a difficult time. Whenever my temperature spiked and I pressed my call button, she was always responding. I didn’t always have to wait for a CNA to come and then pass the word on to Leyneth, she was just there and always willing to help. She gave us tips and tricks that I can try to be comfortable during my pain, fever and nauseousness. In this limited amount of space I cannot even put into words how grateful and thankful I am for her. She deserves an award to recognize all that she does and the quality of care and kindness she shows to her patients and other employees. She is truly a star and this award would let her shine. Thank you Leyneth, for all that you do, I am eternally grateful.”


Leyneth, it’s nurses like you that makes us love what we do! Congrats!

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