A collection of kudos, shoutouts and celebrations of our travel clinicians' (many) accomplishments.

Corinna is praised by a fellow traveler

A colleague and fellow Aya traveler praised Corinna for her kindness and teamwork.

The colleague said, “I want to give Corinna the credit she deserves! As a fellow Aya traveler, she went above and beyond to make me feel welcome and comfortable on my first assignment. She picked up extra shifts to ensure I got proper training since we work alone on night shifts. She gave me her phone number and answered every time I had a question, even at 1:00 a.m. when I had no one else to call! She’s the definition of a team player! The hospital was lucky to have her. She’ll be missed, and I hope our paths cross again. Many thanks, Corrina, for your outgoing personality, abundant help and understanding heart.”

Thanks for going above and beyond to help your fellow travelers, Corinna! They appreciate you, and so do we!


Loretta is praised by a colleague

A team member praised Loretta for her exemplary work.

The coworker said, “Loretta is by far the best circulator I’ve encountered in the OR. She’s very in tune with patients’ medical histories and aware of the anesthetic implications. She appropriately questions abnormal lab values, is very helpful during induction and emergence and remains communicative and accessible on her phone. She always calls to ensure anesthesia is ready before bringing patients to the OR. She controls the room appropriately during timeouts and ensures everyone pays attention. She asks before touching the patient or moving the bed, especially during emergence, and is always respectful. To date, she is one of the most knowledgeable and pleasant people I’ve worked with, and she deserves recognition. She’s awesome and we’re lucky to have her!”

Your team appreciates you, Loretta, and so do we! Keep up the good work!


Shannon receives a DAISY Award

Shannon received a DAISY Award for her compassion toward a patient and their family.

The patient’s family member said, “Shannon showed such great compassion and care to my father while he was in a critical state. I could see her great nursing skills and feel her compassion. I had really difficult decisions to make and asked many questions, but Shannon talked to me like a friend — even the first time we met. It was so very special to have a staff member treat me, my husband and my dad’s girlfriend like we weren’t strangers. Shannon helped me so much more than she will ever know by listening and showing such compassion and kindness. Her actions may seem small, but they were so much bigger and meant more to me than I could ever express. I can not thank you enough for all your work and most of all kindness. Thank you!”

Your compassion and commitment mean the world to your patients and their families. Congratulations on the well-deserved DAISY Award!


Kylie is praised by a coworker

Kylie received a shout-out from her team for going the extra mile for a patient!

A coworker said, “I want to share my appreciation for Kylie. We had a patient move to another room, and during the transition, her cell phone fell down the laundry chute. Kylie went to the laundry facilities and dug through the laundry bags to find the patient’s phone, which was as unpleasant as it sounds. The phone was eventually recovered, and the patient and I are very grateful for her efforts!

Way to go, Kylie! Your dedication makes a difference to your team and patients. Thank you for everything you do!


Lindsey is nominated for a DAISY Award

A coworker nominated Lindsey for a DAISY Award for her compassionate and professional care.

The coworker said, “Lindsay is a truly compassionate nurse. Her bedside manner and professionalism shine as she cares for her patients. Once, Lindsay was assigned a young patient who required constant supervision, redirection and reorientation. During her entire shift, Lindsay was gentle and calm, frequently updated the patient’s worried family, held the patient’s hand and reduced the family’s and patient’s anxieties. Her compassion does not go unnoticed.”

Congratulations, Lindsey! Your team sees and appreciates your commitment to quality care. Keep up the great work!


Drew is complimented by a colleague

A colleague complimented Drew on his kindness and for going above and beyond for his patients.

The colleague said, “Every interaction I’ve had with Drew has been friendly, professional, accommodating and understanding. He goes above and beyond when inquiring about a patient’s MRI readiness and is very detailed about what he needs, how he needs it done and when he’ll do it. It’s been like this for every interaction I’ve had with him, but one night, he went even further for a patient who had failed an MRI attempt. He planned the test with me regarding the patient’s medication and picked the patient up himself to ensure their medication would take effect exactly at the right time. The patient returned saying he was very kind and understanding and that his gentleness helped her get through it. Drew has been a pleasure to work with when coordinating my patient’s care and I always look forward to working with him when I see he is on our shift.”

Congratulations, Drew! Your team members and patients appreciate your quality care. Keep up the great work!


Kimberly is praised by a colleague

A colleague praised Kimberly for her life-saving attention to detail during a hectic night in her unit.

The colleague said, “Kimberly quite literally saved a life, and I’m extremely grateful for her wonderful care. During an exhausting shift, we had a patient together who was brought in for alcohol intoxication. He had some blood on him, but no significant signs of trauma. He was sobering up but still a little altered when Kimberly noted he had some swelling and redness. We decided to get him a CT scan and he ended up having an epidural hematoma, skull fracture and subarachnoid hemorrhage. Because of her good care, the patient got the workup he needed, and she deserves to be recognized for that.”

Congratulations, Kimberly! Your team appreciates your hard work and attention to detail. Keep it up!


Nicholas is praised by a patient’s family member

Nicholas received positive feedback from a patient’s family member.

The family member wrote, “I wanted to give a shout-out to Nicholas for his outstanding patient care. My dad received excellent care from the time he was in the ER to the time he was discharged. Nicholas and the other OT/PT staff went above and beyond their call of duty. Thank you so much.”

Congratulations, Nicholas! Your patients and their families appreciate you. Keep up the good work!


A patient praises Jolleen’s quality care

A patient praised Jolleen for her above and beyond nursing.

The patient wrote, “Jolleen is a wonderful healthcare professional and person. She was my nurse during my hospital stay after falling off an extension ladder. I couldn’t walk or even get out of bed for the first couple of days, but she went above and beyond to assist me. She treated me with all the kindness and professionalism I could have ever imagined, and words cannot truly express my appreciation for her compassion and empathy. I was discharged significantly early, and I know in my heart it was because of Jolleen’s efforts. She sets the standard for others to follow and deserves acknowledgment because I know she treats others the same way she treated me.”

Congratulations, Jolleen! Your patients appreciate your quality care, and so do we! Keep up the great work!