Worlds collide: Aya Travel Nurse delivers an Aya Employee’s Baby!

November 26, 2019 | Clinician Stories

As you’d imagine, delivery day for your baby can be quite stressful — and sometimes takes hours and hours of laborious work. Aya’s Regional Director of Client Services, Alicia Aiken, spent all evening of June 20 and the early hours of June 21 in labor with her baby girl, Josie Sue.

During labor, though, Alicia found an unexpected source of comfort — Aya travel nurse, Kaitlin, who helped guide her through much of the birthing process. “When she started her shift, I was transitioning to get ready to push,” explains Alicia. “She was a great coach, helping me breathe and push through contractions. Kaitlin was by my side for the entire 4.5 hours of pushing and helped keep me calm, relaxed and effective as I got closer to having my baby.”

Alicia discovered Kaitlin was an Aya travel RN when she asked if any of the nurses in the room were travelers. It turned out Kaitlin was on her very first travel nurse assignment with Aya!

“Kaitlin worked really well with the other nurses and midwives and helped baby Josie breathe once she was born. She had a sensitive and caring bedside manner and constantly checked in for the rest of the day to see how we were doing. She seemed to actually care about me, baby and daddy — and was always available to explain things so we were comfortable. We felt like her top priority.”

Seeing a skilled Aya travel nurse firsthand

For Alicia, having Kaitlin there during this emotional process was reassuring. And because Alicia doesn’t often work with our travel nurses directly, she got to see a whole other side of Aya — our wonderful clinicians.

“It was rewarding to be cared for by an Aya travel nurse,” explains Alicia, “I often deal with issues and forget that most travel nurse assignments go off without a hitch. It really opened my eyes to the quality of our clinicians and how they stand out at facilities. She was the best nurse we had during our whole stay and the only traveler. She made a great impression on me and the rest of the staff and is a true reflection of the quality of Aya’s clinicians.”

Our clinicians and corporate employees alike are what make Aya such a great place!

Interested in joining the Aya family? Check out our travel nurse assignments across the country or apply for a corporate position today!

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