What Do Travel Nursing, Big Dreams and a Love Story Have in Common? A Baby!

October 8, 2020 | Clinician Stories , Life at Aya

You read that right. One of our very own recruitment leaders in the Los Angeles Office, Dan, had a baby delivered by an Aya traveler. But we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves here. Let’s start a few years back.

Dan and his wife, Karolina, met 11 years ago on a blind date at a line-dancing bar in Connecticut (their home state). There, sparks flew as they bonded over … their disdain for line dancing. Fast forward a few years and they were in love, making plans to move out West to California. When they arrived in Los Angeles, in Dan’s words, they had “no jobs and no home, just big dreams.” Luckily, they both landed great jobs — Dan has been with Aya Healthcare since 2016. And now, in 2020, with the birth of their baby boy Dylan, “… all of [their] dreams are coming true.”

But where does travel nursing come in? Delivery day, of course! Dan and his wife were really excited for baby Dylan to come — he’s their first child. Two days before the due date, they found out that Dylan was breech and Karolina would need a Cesarean section. It completely threw their birthing plans out the window. Enter Ian, their OR nurse. Karolina went into the operating room by herself and was very nervous. Ian picked up on her nerves and started making small talk to help her relax. In their conversation, he revealed he was an Aya traveler, and Karolina was excited to share that Dan worked for Aya Healthcare, too! “Since I’ve been working from home, my wife has overheard me constantly talk about how Aya Healthcare hires the best nurses in the industry,” Dan explained. “Learning that Ian was with Aya gave her a lot of peace because she knew that she was in good hands.” Later that day, baby Dylan was born, healthy and happy!

Dan, who grew up alongside many family members who work at hospitals, expressed “Ian was amazing. He took great care of us. Nurses in general are the unsung heroes of the healthcare world.” We couldn’t agree more!

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