“Traveling Nurses are Natural Bada*ses” According to Brittany

December 14, 2018 | Clinician Stories

“I was envious of traveling nurses because they could go from one city to the next in just weeks!” admits Aya traveler, Brittany. As the ER nurse describes it, “The Midwest is cornfields, basketball, hot, sizzling summers and cold, dreary winters. When winter hits, everyone is either confined inside or trying to keep their driveways plowed from all the snow and ice that won’t stop falling.” It was no surprise to her friends and family that Brittany wanted to venture to new places as a traveling nurse.

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do…Sometimes

Before traveling, Brittany worked as a staff nurse for four years in Indiana and had a boyfriend of almost six years in her hometown of Warsaw (near Fort Wayne, not Poland). She’d always wanted to leave for someplace sunny and experience a bigger city but stayed because she was comfortable…and was dating a guy who had no desire to leave. “I also worked in a smaller hospital which didn’t give me much exposure to critical patients, so the thought of being in trauma centers or city hospitals scared me,” she explained.

The boyfriend didn’t work out, so she decided to stop allowing things to hold her back, swallowed her fears, packed her bags and left her comfort zone for a new traveling nurse career. “It’s the BEST thing I’ve ever done,” she exclaims. “I’ve grown so much as a nurse and as a person.”

Travel Nursing Builds Confidence

Brittany jokes that when she gets to each new location, Waze and Google are her best friends. And at each new facility, she enjoys the “new job” excitement that not everyone gets to experience so frequently.

“I get to my new ER and I don’t know anyone. I don’t know where the supplies are. I vaguely know how to chart because facilities use different systems,” she shares. While this might sound overwhelming, Brittany thrives in situations outside of her comfort zone. “No matter the hospital, one thing I always know is how to be an ER nurse. If you’ve got your core nursing skills down, getting used to the travel nursing part of it will come.”

Brittany isn’t afraid to ask for help and will question things if it’s necessary. “Most importantly, traveling has given me confidence and taken away my apprehension about standing up for my patients, myself and what I believe is right.”

According to Brittany, “Traveling nurses are natural badasses. Who else can adapt and change their location, work environment and basically entire life every three months?!” We agree!

There’s no time like the present to build your confidence and skills while travel nursing! Explore thousands of  available travel nurse jobs and start your adventure today.

Traveler Brittany posing with her dog in front of the Santa Monica PierAya traveler Brittany posing in front of trees at Yosemite National Park

Aya traveler Brittany kayaking in Channel Islands National Park

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