Travel RN Sarah Lights up a Patient’s Room and Life

April 23, 2019 | Clinician Stories

Sarah is an amazing Travel RN who brings compassionate care to every patient interaction. On a recent South Carolina assignment, a patient tugged her heart strings to the point she had to show him some extra TLC.

A childhood stroke left this patient paraplegic. Sarah says he’s, “such a special soul” full of graciousness, kindness and patience. While spending time together during his treatment, Sarah became more and more impressed with his strength and resilience.

She knew that he loved watching movies, but he didn’t have many to choose from. Sarah wanted to help him relax during his treatment, so she bought a DVD player, action movies, The Sandlot (classic!) and word search books.

When she gave him the gifts, she saw him light up with complete joy. He told her that she was his friend and they talked about traveling in the future and how they hope to meet again.

Sarah’s kind gesture didn’t go unnoticed. She received this shout out from the CNO of the facility:

I just wanted to pass on an awesome story about Sarah. She was caring for a patient who was feeling down because of his hospitalization. She went and bought him a DVD player and movies. She also made a large GET WELL SOON poster for him to try to lift his spirits!! WOW!!

The Travel RN Life Chose Sarah

Though she didn’t always know it, Sarah was destined to be a nurse. When she was 16, she took care of her grandmother in hospice. Her grandmother said that out of everyone who took care of her, Sarah was the only one who didn’t ever make her feel guilty or bad. She said, “Sarah, you should be a nurse.”

That conversation stuck with Sarah, but she didn’t listen. At the time, she didn’t think she was smart enough to be a nurse, but as she gained confidence, she realized she could do it.  As someone who loves people and hates suffering, nursing was the perfect fit.

Although she enjoyed working as a staff nurse, Sarah decided she wanted to do more. Travel nursing allows her to bring compassion and knowledge to underprivileged areas. Though she admits it’s intimidating to always be the new person, she knows how helpful an outside perspective can be to a unit and she loves a challenge.

Recognize Sarah from a previous blog? Not only does she bring amazing patient care to each of her travel nursing assignments, she’s also the coolest onewheeler in town.

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