Travel Nursing With a Family is Totally Doable — Take it from Aya Traveler Casey

December 26, 2018 | Clinician Stories

There’s no way travel nursing with a family is possible, right? While many people feel that way, it’s not true. “If my wife and I can live in an RV with two kids under two, any family can do it!” insists Aya travel nurse, Casey.

He and his wife committed to testing the travel nursing waters for two years to figure out if the lifestyle was something they enjoyed. “We were unsure if it seemed too good to be true, but after just six months we can see ourselves doing this for 10 years!” In fact, there are quite a few Aya travelers — like Christine, for instance — who move from assignment to assignment with their family in tow.

What else does Casey enjoy about being a travel nurse? “I don’t get the workplace burnout that often happens when you’re at the same place for year after year,” he explains. “I get to work with new people, learn new policies and techniques and feel genuinely appreciated everywhere I go because I’m there to help a hospital when they’re in need.”

Travel Nursing With a Family is Enjoyable For Everyone

You might wonder if everyone in the family enjoys moving every three months or so, but Casey explains how great it is to experience each new location together. “We get to visit places we never would have traveled to! So far, we’ve watched fireworks on the 4th of July at Navy Pier in Chicago, walked for miles at the Kansas City Zoo, ate an Omaha steak, visited the hometowns of U.S. presidents and saw California, Mexico and Arizona in one view from the peak of a mountain.”

For Casey, the pay and the freedom to pick where you work are two great reasons to travel. “But spending real, fun, quality time with my wife and kids four days a week is what makes being a travel nurse the best choice for me.”

His advice for those who might still be on the fence? “Give it a try — you can always go back to your job as a staff nurse if travel nursing with a family isn’t a good fit.” We think you’ll wonder why you didn’t dip your toe in the travel nursing water sooner.

Ready to take the plunge? Pick your first destination now!

Aya traveler Casey posing with his wife and two children.

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