Travel Nursing Resolutions You Won’t Want to Break in 2020

January 27, 2020 | Clinician Stories

With only one week left in January 2020, how many of your resolutions have you already broken? If you’re still on track, congratulations! If not, there’s still time to make new resolutions you won’t be tempted to break. Here are three travel nursing resolutions we think you’ll want to keep for the rest of 2020 and beyond:

#1: Resolve to…Enjoy the little things   

For travel nurses, big cities have big appeal for lots of reasons. There’s easy access to transportation. Housing options are abundant. And there’s no shortage of entertainment at every turn. But that doesn’t mean you should only eye big-city travel assignments. Small towns also have their charm. From the congenial, college-town feel of South Bend, Indiana, home to Beacon Health’s Memorial Hospital, to the dry desert heat and mid-century style of Rancho Mirage, California, home to Eisenhower Medical Center, there’s a lot to like about living and working in a smaller market. In fact, many travel nurses love small town hospital assignments for their lower housing costs and friendly, welcoming units.

#2: Resolve to…Take it one day at a time  

Looking to dip your toe into travel nursing but not sure you’re quite ready to take the plunge into a 13-week assignment? Resolve to try per diem employment in 2020. With a wide variety of opportunities available daily, it’s simple to book an extra shift that works with your current schedule. There’s no better way to test out your interest in a different hospital than by working on site – even for just one or two shifts a month. Shifts by Aya makes it simple to pick up extra shifts, check out new hospitals and take home extra money with its easy-to-use mobile app.

#3: Resolve to…Learn more

It’s always said that knowledge is power. You can still tap into that power by continuing your education as a travel nurse. Look into an online degree program you can complete from anywhere or apply for the Aya Scholars Program, the industry’s only clinical ladder program for travel nurses, which includes three tiers of educational and professional development components. Aya also offers access to unlimited, free continuing education units to all travelers on assignment – all in a user-friendly web-based system accessible whenever you want and wherever you decide to travel.

Make 2020 your best year yet. Resolve to keep traveling or become a travel nurse today!

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