Travel Nursing Jobs: The Flexible Career Choice for Miriam and Maddie

November 7, 2018 | Clinician Stories

Miriam and Maddie are currently working travel nursing jobs in San Diego and were delighted to join their recruiter, Meredith, and credentialing specialist, Mandy, for a seaside dinner last month. Miriam and Maddie were roomies in Boston a couple years ago and are coincidentally both working in travel nursing. The four Ms enjoyed an evening filled with laughter, story sharing and delicious food. Bonding with nurses is something the Aya team does frequently — knowing them personally helps us find them travel nursing jobs that are best suited for their wants and needs.

“Most of my friends were busy getting married and having kids, but I was dying to explore,” said Miriam. “After gaining experience at my Level I trauma unit back home, I was ready to take the leap and start traveling.” One of the best things about travel nursing is the flexibility to discover cities around the country.

“Being a traveler has given me a new sense of work-life balance,” explains Maddie. “I get to explore on my days off, which is completely different from the hum drum of full-time staff life.” When she’s not at work, Maddie gets to know her neighborhood and makes the most of every day because her next assignment might be somewhere completely different.

Both Miriam and Maddie agree that having a great team during your travel nursing jobs can make or break the travel nursing experience. “I appreciate that Meredith is always quick to respond and doesn’t send jobs our way that aren’t in our comfort zones,” says Miriam. In addition to finding the perfect assignment, compliance is a huge part of travel nursing jobs. “Having someone as efficient as Mandy makes our lives that much easier,” comments Maddie. In fact, Aya has an entire team dedicated to traveler happiness and ensuring a fabulous experience.

Ready to choose a travel nursing job? Apply now and we’ll be there for you every step of the way.

Travel nurses Miriam and Maddie post with Meredith and Mandy from Aya Healthcare

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