Travel Nurse Veronica Gains Skills and Confidence While Climbing the Clinical Ladder

July 6, 2021 | Clinician Stories

For Aya travel nurse, Veronica Rodriguez, saying, “Yes!” has been key to her successful travel career. Veronica sees every assignment she takes as an opportunity to learn, taking on any new challenges managers send her way.

Starting her travel career in telemetry, Veronica expanded her skillset with each assignment. “I quickly learned that telemetry at each hospital can be very different,” she explains. “Some are heavier on the progressive care side and others work more like med surg.”

Through the learning curve that came with each new hospital, Veronica was challenged to be adaptable and pick up new skills. In teaching hospitals and learning environments, Veronica seized every possible opportunity. “If the facility was open to it, I would volunteer for short-staffed units like ER or ICU,” she says. “Because I had built a good foundation of skills, it was easy for a hospital to move me. I have a stepdown job now because I was at a hospital that showed me how to work with vents, which is sought after in stepdown positions.”

Veronica’s accumulation of skills and experience allowed her to climb her way up the clinical ladder. “I was always open to learning new things and was never afraid to ask questions,” She says. “It helped me grow my skillset and my confidence in what I could do.”

Job Security and Flexibility as a Travel Nurse

Thanks to her eagerness to acquire new skills, Veronica has built up an impressive resume. With the help of her recruiter, Charles, Veronica feels confident in her ability to get new contracts. “If you have a good recruiter and are able to build a relationship with them, they know what you need and work with you to find your next assignment,” she notes. “Charles helped me get jobs that allowed me to build up my resume so when I submit my application, it’s easy to get an offer now.”

Aside from the opportunity to grow professionally, Veronica’s favorite thing about travel nursing is the flexibility it provides. “In a normal staff position you don’t have the same freedom to take time off,” she comments. “Traveling with Aya allows me to have time in between assignments so I don’t burn out. I have a great work life balance and I’m able to do the things I want to do while continuing my nursing career.”

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