Travel Nurse Emily Enjoys Her Freedom to Explore Unfamiliar Places

November 8, 2018 | Clinician Stories

Travel nurse on a ferry with her Corgi in Washington.

After nearly three years of travel nursing, Emily landed in Lakewood, Washington where her adorable Corgi, Clio, got to take her first ferry ride! “My assignment so far has been great,” she says. “Everyone has been welcoming and friendly!”

Although she’s still jittery before a new assignment, Emily lives for the thrill of the unknown. She finds joy in encountering new people and exploring new opportunities. After all — that’s what she believes travel nursing is all about! “Meeting the amazing nurses and doctors I’m privileged to work with is what I enjoy most,” Emily says.

In her opinion, the freedom to explore unfamiliar areas is another one of the many privileges travel nursing offers. Luckily for Emily, the Evergreen State isn’t short on wild places begging to be discovered. She loves to backpack through the mountains surrounding Seattle with her sister, who lives nearby.  Together, they plan to trek all 14,420 feet of Mt. Rainer and traverse Mt. St. Helens, the still-active volcano found a little under 100 miles from downtown. They’ll pick up snowshoes to conquer Hurricane Ridge — where fierce gales dominate the frosted landscape. Locals say the pristine beauty of Olympic National Park, where the ridge is found, is worth suffering the inclement weather. Intrepid adventurer that she is, we bet Emily will agree.

For Emily and many others, travel nursing presents an interesting, but pleasing, paradox. This unique career offers the opportunity for endless discovery as well as the ability to return to the familiar, like Emily has done in spending time with her sister. That same choice is made by many travel nurses who decide to return home periodically or find assignments that allow them to spend time with friends and family scattered throughout the country.

If you long to return to your roots from time to time, love growing your circle of friends/colleagues and have your sights set on exploring the country — start your travel nursing career today.

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